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WordPress is an incredibly popular content management system powering more than 35% of websites on the internet.

It is great for e-shops, personal blogs, portfolios and many more interesting projects.

The versatility is unmatched – even more with a great idea, beautiful design and amazing content, but there is one thing that is very important.

I am talking about your WordPress hosting.

Unlike content or design, you can’t personally control how well your hosting provider is going to do.

This is why you need to choose a reliable WordPress hosting company, which going to keep your website quick and available all of the time.

In this article, I will help you in finding the right hosting provider and which one you should choose!

Performance Matters

It may appear like a basic thing – but it’s incredibly an important factor.

Just recently, Google’s new PageSpeed industry benchmarks reveal just how crucial it is to invest in speed and performance.

Quick website not only means a better customer experience as they can glide through your page with ease. It can also help gain user attention by not leaving too early on your site.

Hence, the study shows that as page load times go up, the chance of someone bouncing off your site increases dramatically:

Once again, you have to turn your heads to Google. Bear that in mind when choosing a WordPress hosting.

The increased performance makes this search giant rank you up higher in online searches.

In turn, this means more visitors and more success for your business or company.

Additionally, when choosing a host, look into the server response times. That is going to tell you a story about how advanced is the software and hardware used by the hosting company.

As an example, I ran into two different popular hosts – one using old HDD disks, the other one taking advantage of modern SSD disks and plenty of software optimization.

Now, let’s compare it with its more advanced counterpart.

As you can see, there is a clear winner.

The difference is so clear, it will be noticed not only by Google but by regular users as well.

When you go around comparing performances, search for response time rather than load time.

The latter can be determined by a whole lot of different things on the website itself but response time mostly depends on the hosting provider and the measures it uses to make the page loads quicker.

Things like content delivery networks or SSD disks are all great – but for most of the part, all of these things are applied to make websites load quicker.

Look for that instead of buzzwords.

Also, put a bit of time into researching which hosts have the best uptimes.

This is only logical – no point of having a quick server if it’s always offline.

A quick and reliable server with a well-optimized WordPress website is a duo that’s difficult to match.

Make sure to try and find it.

There is a great tool that can help to choose between the world’s biggest hosts.

Customer Support and Tutorials

Despite WordPress being very simple to install and use, there could still be some problems.

Even though most of them can be resolved with a bit of guesswork and good old Google search, these two things still have their limits.

Best WordPress hosting companies should have their unmatched customer support teams who are specifically trained to be professionals in all things WordPress.

Choose a good host, that will also gain you access to all the professionals and knowledgebase at its disposal.

Sometimes, the host may go a step further.

The best companies also have plenty of step-by-step tutorials that can help you resolve even the most difficult problems.

By completing the tutorials provided you may also improve and become more knowledgeable as you go.

Pick a good company and you’ll have experts by your side 24/7 – soon, you’ll become one!

Ease of Use

You don’t need to waste time on trivial technical things.

This is why it is important to choose a web host which values ease of use.

Ideally, WordPress installation should take only a few clicks and less than one minute.

Some providers manage to turn it into a serious challenge.

Make sure to choose a host which doesn’t!

When you finally install WordPress, it doesn’t mean the end of the technical chores.

There are plenty of things you will still be responsible for.

For example, keeping up to date with the newest versions of WordPress and its plugins.

Also, learning how to do daily backups of your WordPress site, so you wouldn’t lose any information no matter what happens.

Let’s also not forget security scans, performance-enhancing website caching and a few other activities!

If doing all of that isn’t your cup of tea, you may also consider managed WordPress hosting.

For a relatively small additional fee, you will get constant help from the host’s resident experts.

Remember how support can help you make your website work well?

This is an even better version of that, stopping the problems before they even happen. With dedicated WordPress hosting experts making sure your website works well, you will be able to dedicate yourself solely to the content.

No need to worry about any technical things.


WordPress has been made as an easy solution to create websites.

With good WordPress hosting, it can become even easier.

Experts employed by hosting companies could wait for 24/7 to help you or even manage your page.

Tutorials provided will help you improve as a web professional and superior performance will make your website attractive for both visitors and search engines.

WordPress websites can be amazing – you just need to find a hosting provider that fits your needs.

Good luck with your searches!

Let me know your thoughts on the comment.

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