How To Remove Author Link in Avada WordPress Theme

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Avada theme as we all know is one of the best and most popular multi-purpose WordPress themes out in the market today.

It has sold more than 747,400+ and still counting with a 4.7-star rating from more than 24,000 happy customers.

With Avada, you can create almost any type of WordPress website. It has a lot of features you are looking for on a theme.

Lately, we received a query from one of our readers asking us how he can remove the author’s link in every post but leave the name intact.

In this article, I will walk you through deleting the authors’ link in posts on the Avada theme but leaving the name as it is.

Why Delete Author Link in WordPress Website?

By default, the author’s link is displayed on your blog post.

In Avada theme, when you hover over to your name on the author section, you would see your username in the URL.

There’s nothing wrong with enabling author links in WordPress. However, if you are concerned about WordPress security you should not allow it.

Exposing your username literally means inviting hackers to exploit your site. In addition, hackers are already halfway inside your website or blog.

Removing Author Link URL in Avada Theme

1. Remove the Authors link in the post

Once logged into your Dashboard, navigate to Appearance » Editor. Look for the file called single.php. You need to edit a line of code here. It is recommended to make a backup of this file so that when something bad happens you can easily restore it. Now, with your keyboard, press CTRL + F and input the following:


This will simply search a particular term on your browser. If you found it change it to this:


Once that is done click on the Update file button to save the changes and you’re done!

2. Entirely remove Authors info in Theme options

Another method I would recommend is entirely removing the Author info from the theme options.

  • Navigate to Avada » Theme options
  • Choose Blog » Blog Single Post
  • Look for Author Info Box and then click Off. This will turn off the display of the author info box below posts
  • Click Save Changes

That’s all, I hope this article helped you learn how to remove the author’s link in WordPress. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to my YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials. You can also find me on LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter.

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6 Responses

  1. Nice tutorial 🙂

    However, we can do it through CSS also 🙂

    Using display:none

    but that might be too advanced for the beginners

    1. Thanks for stopping by Muhammad.

      Yes, we could easily do that CSS trick. However, I strongly don’t recommend this trick as this will hurt your SEO.

      In fact, this will ONLY remove in front-end but when you inspect the source? see for yourself.

  2. Unfortunately this is not working. I adapted line 71 from get_the_author_posts_link() to get_the_author() but the link is still displayed.

    How can we properly remove this and simply display the Author name without any links to other pages?

    It would be nicer by the way if this would be an option in the general settings instead of adapting core files which could be overwritten by an update.

  3. Is there a better way to solve this, looks like every time I update to the newest version seems changes will be reverted? Does anyone knows why it is happening?

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