WP Support Plus: Add a Responsive Ticket System in WordPress

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WordPress has evolved from just a simple blogging platform into a full-fledged content management system.

Over the years it becomes a go-to building platform for creating websites for small businesses, freelancers, developers, bloggers and more.

For most business websites, a technical support is a really good help for your customers. It’s a great platform for communication.

And if you’re a business owner who managed a small business website, a ticketing system is all you need to improve your reputation.

In this article, I’ll walk you through how to add a responsive support ticket on your WordPress website using the WP Support Plus plugin.

Let’s dive in.

WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System Plugin Review

WP Support Plus is one of the best WordPress helpdesk plugins in the market today which you can use to create a ticketing system on your WordPress site.

A fully-responsive and 100% Ajax functionality making customer support easier and faster.

It has more than 10,000+ active installs and over 120K+ all-time downloads, constantly updated & with 120+ 5-star ratings, WP Support Plus is undeniably one of the best solutions out there.

The WP Support Plus plugin comes in both free & pro versions.

The free version offers all the features you need to get started with running helpdesk on your WordPress website:

  • Allow unlimited tickets submission
  • Allow guest tickets submission
  • Supports tickets filtering
  • Supports file attachment
  • Allow HTML editing of tickets
  • Supports public/private tickets
  • Supports canned responses
  • Easily customized email templates

Overall, this is a great free ticket system WordPress plugin. You can download the free version from the official WordPress repository here.

The advanced features are offered by various add-ons. Depending upon your need, you can pick only 1 or more pro add-ons that you need for your site. Check out the list of pro add-ons here.

Here’s a quick look at the features offered by the pro add-ons:

  • Email Piping of tickets
  • Allow Sticky tickets
  • Woocommerce integration
  • Easy Digital Downloads integration
  • Conditional Agent assignment
  • Advanced Canned reply
  • Supports Companies or Usergroups
  • Supports Timer
  • Supports Google calendar event
  • Allow CSV export of tickets

The free version is good enough to help you get started & run ticketing system on your website. However, if you want more, the pro add-ons cost starting around $99 per year, a discounted price for a personal license.

Additionally, you can get the all-in-one bundle and get access to all current and future add-ons at more than 70% discount of individual price.

The plugin also comes with a detailed manual & support here.

Download WP Support Plus plugin.

Understanding WordPress Support Ticket System

The support ticket system is a dynamic communication method used by businesses to collect requests and then send back valid answers to their users.

Here’s how Live Help Now says about it in this article.

A ticket system, on the other hand, is specifically designed to organize issues as they are reported and keeps track of all fixes made, acting as an issue tracking system as well.

Source: Understanding how ticket management systems work

Now, let’s take a quick look at the Bluehost ticket system as an example.

Let’s say you want to submit a ticket on Bluehost for a verification concern, follow the steps shown below.

  1. Select a proper category of the request.
  2. Enter a valid and working email address.
  3. Enter your Full name.
  4. Enter your domain name information and password.
  5. Type any request as needed in the Message box.
  6. Adds an attachment if available.
  7. Enter the security challenge codes in the box.
  8. Click the Submit Ticket button.
  9. Wait for a while, a reply will be sent back to your email.

Basically, that’s how a common support ticket system works. Depending on your business model, there could more require pieces of information in it.

So far, you’ve already learned what WP Support Plus is and understand how a support ticket system works.

How To Easily Add a Responsive Ticket System in WordPress

The first thing you need to do is install and activate WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System plugin. For more details, see this step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Upon activation, an option Support Plus tab appears on the sidebar wherein you can configure its settings.

But before moving to this part, you need to create a new page first to be used by WP Support Plus.

Go to Pages » Add New and give it a descriptive title. For the sake of this tutorial, we’re going to name it as Support Ticket System.

Now in the page editor, place this shortcode.


And when you’re done, click the Publish button.

That’s it, you’ve just created a new page in WordPress.

Up next, you’ll have to configure WP Support Plus settings.

Go to Support Plus » Settings. There are few tabs available for your support ticket system setup including the following.

  • General
  • Categories
  • Email Notification
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Slider Menus
  • Role Management
  • FAQ Categories
  • Custom CSS
  • Licenses

Let’s check what these options are in brief.

General – this includes an array of general settings for support ticket system customization. Here you decide which page or post should be used to display the support ticket system. All you have to do is choose it from the drop-down list.

You also can allow a user to make a ticket public/private from the front end by checking the box before it.

When enabled, you could also allow Front End Ticket Submission, Guest Ticket Submission and allow attachment for guest tickets.

Click on Save Settings to save changes.

Categories – this makes it super easy for clients search an answer effectively. You have to enter a category name and then click on Create New Category button to save this category.

Email Notification – this is where to determine whether to send email to administrator/agent when a new ticket is created or updated. Likewise, add email to Ignore Emails if you wish not to received notifications. Click Save Settings button to save changes.

Overall, these settings are all you need to get started using ticketing system on your site. The other tabs are not so necessary but you can check that as well if you wish.

Custom Fields – this is important if you wish to add new fields in the front-end submission. All you have to do is add a field label, choose a field type and then hit the Create New Field button.

Custom Slider Menus – adds new menu to show in the front-end. Put a menu text and the URL the page should go to then click the Create New Menu to save changes.

Role Management – this is where you manage activities on your ticket system. You can manage capabilities for your agents and supervisors. You can also manage front-end restrictions here.

FAQ Categories – you can feature frequently asked questions in this tab. Grouping them by category for easy navigation.

Custom CSS – this tab is helpful if you want to customize the look and feel of the ticketing system in the front-end. You can override the default design from here and add your own styling.

Licenses – is where you’ll see add-ons you acquire. Check its statuses and your license key.

You may also check the Canned Reply, Advanced Settings for more configurable settings, and Email templates for additional features of what this plugin has to offer.

That’s it. I hope this article helped you learn how to easily add a responsive support ticket on your WordPress site with the WP Support Plus plugin.

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  1. Hi Rodney,

    Thanks for the knowledgeable post. I appreciate your suggestions and tips which you have mention in this post.

    Keep writing informative articles.

  2. Hi Rodney. Thanks for sharing this article. I am actually building a website for a client and thankfully I’ve landed to this. This plugin is perfect for customer support.

    You should try it as well here for other users to contact you.

    Best of luck.

    1. Hey, Ronald. Glad you found the article. Yes, WP Support Plus plugin can be a great solution for your ticketing system. Let me know your experience. Thanks

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